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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Two days in a row.  Two days of writers frustration!  Today's is for a completely different reason but it still sucks.

I'm feeling very stuck with the book tonight.  I've got a great opening and written what I think is an amazing scene for the central turning point to the story.  I also have a pretty good idea how the story will end (just a few details to wrap up).  The frustrating part, as I'm currently finding out, is getting from that killer opening to that killer middle scene.  It's easy to write the hot points of the story but the journey between is just as important.  

The bad part is I'm still being productive, its just not coming  as fast as I want it to.  I have to start being content with even as little as 15-20 productive minutes each day.  I need to be realistic with my expectations.  

When I sat down and mapped out my plan for this book I gave myself more than enough time for everything. I'm actually two months ahead of schedule at this point.  But when the words start slowing down its hard for me to stay out of the dark spaces in my mind.

These are the days when Fat Dwight creeps back in and starts telling me I'm not good enough, that no one wants to read my crap. 

 (For those that don't know me I used to be super big time fat. Fat Dwight is my goatee wearing evil alternate universe self that pops up from time to time. He's kind of a dick.)

Anyway, I know I just need to keep plugging away and prove that asshat wrong (yeah I just called myself and asshat, spade=spade). 

What do you do when you start feeling stuck on projects?  

(No whiskey is not an answer.  Well, it is, just not to this question.)



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